Episode 13

Breath of the Wind

Welcome to the final (for now) episode of Still His Kingdom Keeps! We are joined by the wonderful AuntyEl, a dedicated Merlin fan who has been listening to the podcast and filling us in on all sorts of background details we may have missed. We talk about the series as a whole, that wild season finale, and then spend a bunch of time reading YOUR feedback.

Technical note: we had some issues recording (and by we I mean "Jeremy" and by issues I mean "his computer shut down in the middle of recording wtf") so you'll hear some normal human noises that I generally cut out of the podcast. Sorry about that!

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Our new intro song is by Jake Lionheart, who remixed Merlene by bansheebeat, with vocals by Heather Milette. We have a video on our YouTube page that we created for it, because we love it so much. Please go follow both of these talented people and listen to their stuff.

The artwork for the podcast was done by Sydney Dean, and is absolutely beautiful. You can find her shop here, and specifically SHKK stickers of the logo and us at this link. The pictures of us are even holographic and they SPARKLE. WOW!

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